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biokonopia olejek(non-registered)
biokonopia olejek http://olejek-cbd.net.pl
You present people in a unique manner, subtly and with great respect for them. I wish you many successful shots.
rolando luna(non-registered)
love the pics man very good work keep it going look forward to been in more awesome work!!
Bonnie Jones(non-registered)
I love love love the "fam" pics you took. Some favs are: 0209, 0296, 0144, 0140, 0045. So so cute.
pete garza photography(non-registered)
great work, really great work . . .
Deni Kane(non-registered)
I never realized you were this talented! Awesome work Russell...
donita lester(non-registered)
Awesome photos from 3fc in gatlinburg!
Steve Spencer(non-registered)
Keep up the good work
tony payne(non-registered)
hey Russ, i havent been able to visit your site in a while it looks great, very nice layout. i would like to talk to ya about taking afew family pictures of my whole family. my four, my brother and his kids and my father. after he beat the odds and lived threw it all ( they only give him two weeks six months ago) i think we need a really nice big picture of us all, and i would love for it to be you that does the job.
Great job on the photos from Morristown, Rising Fight League.... Hoping to see more photos !!!
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